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Colonial Warehouse in the North Loop area is DEFINITELY haunted. I'll post stories if anyone is still around to listen to them.
Found this on Craigslist today and thought I would share.



We have an antique piano that may (or may not) be haunted. We have moved and cannot fit it in our new place so we are giving it away so we can move it out as soon as possible. You will need to move the piano across a carpeted floor about 20' and up some short steps. You'll need some strong backs or a heavy duty moving dolly or piano dolly. Everything else is out of the house so you can bring it straight into the garage and into your vehicle.

About The Piano:

The piano was made some time in the early 1900's and is a quality built, nice looking piano with beautiful woodwork. It is solid wood and built to last. It does need to be tuned and a little TLC but according to a piano tuner would not take much to be a nice piano. Several of the keys have some of the white covering worn off but can be replaced or recovered. I stress it's not ready for little Susie or Tommy to practice on unless they are tone deaf - it needs a tuning! The picture doesn't do this antique justice as it was done with my cell phone because my other digital camera is still pack away from the move.

Q: Did you say it may be haunted?

A: Why yes, I did! We have kept the piano in our downstairs den since acquiring it four years ago. It was donated to a church by a parishioner that passed away and remained in their parish for quite a few years before they gave it to my wife. We had the intention of refinishing it as it is a beautiful instrument with wonderful woodwork and hardware but I was injured at work and have been unable to do anything with it because of my back. On several occasions each year we have been awaken by a piano playing and as soon as we sat up the music stopped! Also, several times we have found the keyboard cover open and the top open on the piano and a chair moved back as if it had been recently played. No one was downstairs or had touched the piano!

About a year ago I bought my wife an electric piano and placed it across the room from the antique piano so she could continue playing. On the first night we heard a slamming noise and the sound of a piano soundboard vibrating. I ran downstairs, flipped on the light just as the lid slammed shut on the top of the antique piano! I admit I didn't see it fall but I sure as heck heard it and it scared the bejesus out of me! The next day my wife came down to play her new piano and it would not come on. The piano lamp plugged into the same power outlet worked just fine. We moved the new piano upstairs, believing we had to take it back for service but when I plugged it in to diagnose the problem over the phone with the retailer the new piano worked just fine! I think the antique piano was jealous of the new one! Strange goings on! We're not really believers in the supernatural but then again it is hard to ignore.

Anyway, if you don't believe in the supernatural here's a chance to get a nice, antique piano that can be easily restored with a little TLC and a tune up. If you do believe in the supernatural then here's your chance to get your very own "haunted" piano! Just make sure you have no other pianos this one can be jealous of! I also think it's cursed because every time we've moved it I hear the movers cursing at it when they have to lift it!

PS: When the piano tuner was looking at it he found a Halloween themed cupcake cup in the top - I think this says it all!

Email me at TheDrumQuest AT gmail.com (replace the "AT" with "@" of course - have to stop the spam!) or through this ad.
Hay guiz. I've posted before (long long ago) about the presence in my apartment, whom I've lovingly named Antonio. Long into short, he steals thing and puts them in weird places, appears as a dark or white shape quickly passing by, knocks on walls, opens cupboard doors, lets the pizza guy through the security door, hangs around in the "foyer" and front hallway, and hangs around making us nervous if he doesn't feel that we're being lively enough.

At the end of December, my boyfriend moved up here from Dallas, into the unit directly across the hall from mine. Needless to say, I've spent the majority of the time at his place, leaving my poor room mate alone. The thing is, Antonio has never really seemed to make a point of bugging her, it's been mostly aimed towards me (hiding my debit card, stealing a minor prescription, waking me up by banging on the wall next to MY bed, lurking around the bf and I while we were sleeping on the couch, pulling the door open from the inside as I unlocked it to come in after work, etc.) Lately though, my roommate has been complaining about feeling uneasy or scared when she's home alone, which is frequently. She's also been unable to concentrate on her studies while at home, and has taken to studying in coffee shops just to get some work done. I think Antonio is to blame for this, but she doesn't like it when I talk about him. She comes from Japan, where belief in spirits is generally more accepted than here in the USA, and both her mother and grandmother actually SEE ghosts. As in, not little black and white flashes alá Mr. Antonio, but pale, dead, humans. So...she's a little antsy at the mention of ghosts and spirits.

I mean shit, I don't even know if Antonio IS a ghost. He could be a house spirit. He could be a demon (doubt it, but you never know). He doesn't really bother me (aside from the debit card incident, THAT really pissed me off. Just in time for Christmas, too. Jerk.), and has never made me feel threatened. He can be unnerving, especially when I'm in the hallway, or the bathroom, or open the door to a dark apartment. Just the other day, I was standing near the door, in the front entrence, pulling on my boots, and he felt the need to pass by me slower than usual, almost as if to ENSURE I got a good look at him and knew he was there. I think he misses me :p By a good look, I mean I was bending over, I saw something black go past, and looked up just in time to see this blurry shadow dissappear out of the corner of my eye. Normally I wouldn't think anything of it, but like I said, I've seen it so many times I know it's not just me.

This isn't really meant to be a plea for help, or to ask for opinions...just to kind of share with you guys what I've experienced. This has been going on since I moved into this complex, and I'm not expecting him to go away. He was there first, obviously, and we've managed to co-exist for the most part. On the advice of a co-worker, I've taken to leaving a little glass dish of random herbs and trinkets out for him. Whether this makes him feel loved, keeps him amused, or placates some demonic lust for random crap, I don't know, but he hasn't stolen anything lately...

I have to admit, I'd miss him if he left. Just when things get boring, he riles us up again :p

I don't even know how to title this one...

Okay, this JUST happened to me and I'm a little freaked out. For background, I've just gone through some tramatic events in Jan/Feb and am quite on my way to recovery. I've been staying with my parents in the house I grew up in. It's a typical rambler, but I've always been nervous in any room at night by myself. As if there was another presence.

So, something occurred this morning that is so simple, yet straight out of a movie. I was struggling to wake up earlier than I normally do, so I scheduled my cell phone to ring at 10am.

I have a hard time sleeping, so I tend to switch up where I put my pillows, either at the foot of the bed or at the head. Last night was at the foot of the bed. Also, when I was younger I could not sleep facing the wall because I felt vulnerable and exposed. Now when I really can't sleep, I do face the wall and I fall asleep right away. It's almost like I'm accepting that someone is watching over me and that they'll take care of me. I'm fearful, nervous, but I do it anyway and I can sleep.

My cell phone gets set next to me or slightly tucked under the pillow so that it doesn't fall off the bed and get broken, or between the crack formed between the mattress and the wall. The bed is VERY heavy (captain's bed) and I have a wrist injury that makes it impossible to get anything that falls.

After the initial ring, which I quickly pressed the button to snooze, I went back to sleep. When I woke up a few minutes later on my own, without hearing the alarm, I couldn't find the phone. The last thing I remembered was noticing that battery was on its last bar, and then tucking it under the pillow so it wouldn't fall down the crack while I snoozed. I even had my hand on the phone so I could press the snooze button faster!

I picked up the pillows. No phone. I picked up my quilt, shook it out on the bed and folded it neatly at one end. NO PHONE. I took off my glasses and pressed my face to the wall (I can see well enough to notice the phone shape, but it's all pretty blurry). No phone, unless it fell and slid under the bed. So I went to find my mother to see what she would suggest.

As we walked back into the room, I almost screamed. The phone was neatly placed in the exact middle of the bed, between the pillows and the folded quilt.

Now, some may say that this story isn't scary enough, but I've seen many things out of the corner of my eyes, felt the presence of others in rooms, but I've never had a physical manifestation like this. I'm a bit freaked out. Mom said that I had someone looking out for me, and that's probably true. I'm going to try and feel this with some positive energy. Well, I'm going to try! Wish me luck!!
Hey guys.

I've been having more weird things happen in my apartment...nothing too freaky, but it's so consistent that it really makes me uncomfortable.

Yesterday, I was home and doing some homework and junk, and I kept hearing the really faint sound of doves cooing. It wasn't their soft, content coo, it was the more high-pitched, calling coo (I have two pet doves at my parents house, one of whom we've had for 12 years, so I'm familiar with all the weird noises they make, lol. Ever heard a dove cackle? Not something that you want to experience at 3 in the morning).

Anyways, I kept hearing this noise, very faintly. It would start, stop for a few minutes, start up again, etc. It wasn't pigeons, I know that...they sound a little bit different, and there aren't typically any pigeons around my apartment (surprising). Also, there is a no birds policy, so I'm pretty sure that it wasn't someone's pet (again, too bad, because I miss my old birdie!)
Kind of weird, huh? I know doves are spiritual animals, but I can't really think of a good reason why I should be hearing that noise, phantom or not.

I get a really weird, uncomfortable feeling in the entry/front hallway of my apartment (the area contains the front door, the bathroom, two closets, and then a door leading to the kitchen and the beginning of the hallway near the bedroom). This has been the site of previous weird experiences (such as the razor incident, which, ironically, was on Halloween). Yesterday, after being home alone all day with this creepy feeling, I finally got off my ass and smudged the entire apartment again, spending extra time in that particular area. Nothing. My feeling didn't change. I really wish I could find out what the deal with my apartment is, it's really starting to get on my nerves. I don't like having to turn all the damn lights on just to go to the bathroom! Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?

Dec. 28th, 2007

I don't know if anyone listens to KDWB, but about a month and a half ago, they had a women call in with a story about her apartment.

There had been a stain steadily growing on her living room ceiling, and after a few days it began to turn red. She called the apartment manager, and they had someone check it out. Turns out the bathroom of her upstairs neighbor was directly above her living room, and the woman who lived there had died sitting on her toilet. Her toilet had a leak, and so all the fluids from the woman's body were leaking into the toilet, and into the downstairs neighbor's ceiling. They ended up having to remove most of that portion of the floor/ceiling, leaving a gaping hole in the woman's ceiling for a period of time.

When she called KDWB, she said that ever since the woman's discovery, weird things had been happening in her apartment (noises, objects being moved). That upcoming weekend, her roommate was going to be out of town, leaving the woman alone in the apartment. I think she ended up getting a hotel room, so she wouldn't have to be home alone with that huge hole looking up into the dead woman's apartment.

Did anyone else hear this story too? I've asked a lot of people who listen to KDWB regularly, but no one seemed to remember hearing this. Am I crazy?

Haunted Apartment

So, I recently moved out about a month and a half ago, and have decided that my new apartment is haunted.
I don't know anything about the apartment, other than that it was built in the 70's, and a very lovely Somolian couple lived here before us.

Nothing specific happened previous to this incident, aside from me seeing things out of the corner of my eye and a general feeling of a presence.

Halloween morning (ironic, huh?), I was in the tub taking a bath. I was using a yellow razor, one of those disposable ones that have a little plastic cover for the blade. I shaved my legs and set the razor down on the edge of the tub. When I finished with my bath, I went to pick up my razor and put it back where it belonged, only to discover it was not on the edge of the tub any more. I figured I probably knocked it off and it was hiding somewhere on the floor, so I went ahead with the rest of my routine as normal....only to open the medicine cabinet door and discover my razor sitting on a shelf in there!!!

My roommates theory was that I absentmindedly put the razor back and forgot about it, but number one, the medicine cabinet is impossible to reach from the tub, and number two, this happened literally right after I got out of the bathtub. My conclusion is that there is a spirit in our apartment, and it was fucking with me.

Anyone else have something weird going on in their apartment?

you are not alone cbc!

Hey there other new members - doesn't everyone have a story or two about ghosts? I have a few but some are tied to spiritual experiences so here are the public ones. Sorry, they're not too interesting:

Years ago my cousin and I saw a ghost a Minihaha falls. It was the middle of the night so we were breaking the rules by being there. We walked down one side of the park and up the other. We saw across the stream (where we'd already walked like half an hour earlier) a white shape that was about the size of a person but we couldn't tell the shape - it seemed to be glowing faintly. We sat and stared at it for a long time trying to figure out what it was. We looked around for light sources but there weren't any. We yelled at it to see if it was a person. It didn't move for about 10 minutes while we debated it. We finally decided it could be a white sheet tied in a tree so we went up the stream to a bridge and came back down looking for it but there was nothing there. Anybody else have odd experiences at the falls? Sometimes that place really creeps me out.

My family also uses the old family farm house as a summer cabin and many of us agree it's haunted - we all hear different noises there like mice in the walls, footsteps, doors slamming, or children playing downstairs. It's like the echoes of all the life that's been in that house but some of us get the feeling that the house/ghosts disapprove of what we're up to: like when I was in bed with my boyfriend and heard a car drive up and thought oh, shit, grandma's come to check on us! and got dressed really fast only to find no one there. In high school I used to take my friends there to party and ask in the morning: so, what did YOU hear last night? Is it haunted house thing or just an old house thing to name the bedrooms?
I see we have six new members! Sweet! I want to hear everyone's experiences, so ya'll better start posting! :p

The Cabin Story

Ok, so to start off with, nothing super dramatic happened. I went to my friend's cabin in Battle Lake, Minnesota. The cabin was built by her family, and is around 150 years old, if not older, and its not actually a cabin, its a house. Her great great grandmother, great grandmother, and grandmother all lived there. In the weeks prior to going up, she had mentioned stories of construction workers hearing noises, with one working becoming so frightened he quit on the spot. She also told me that when her family members brought friends up to it, the friends would see things that the family members couldn't. She didn't seem bothered by it, and neither was I, because any spirits in the house are those of her ancestors, and her being a very good friend, that didn't bother me.
We got there about 9:30, when it was already starting to get pretty dark out. The moment I stepped into the house, there was just this overwhelming HEAVY feeling. Of course the air was very stagnant; no one had been up since October of last year. It wasn't just that though, the air just felt so oppressive...there was a lot of energy in the house, and it wasn't necessarily good or bad, just very overwhelming. Another thing worth mentioning is that all over the house, there are pictures of relatives, much of the furniture is the original furniture, and the bedrooms are full of the possesions of the original inhabitants; in the master bedroom downstairs, there was a wardrobe containing the wedding dress of my friend's great grandmother, victorian as they come. It was just an amazing feeling, walking around in what was really someone's personal bedroom. I wish my digital camera had been working better (it kept eating my batteries), I would have taken pictures of all the amazing items in that house.
Anyways, my friend took us on a short tour of the house, showing us all the rooms and the bedrooms. The bedrooms were the most unnerving part about the house. Aside from the master bedroom downstairs, there were five more bedrooms upstairs. The first two belonged to her two great aunts, and they were absolutely terrifying. The first one (I thought of it as the White Room) had a big vanity with three folding mirrors, and as I stepped into the room, the mirrors sloooowly creaked shut. I looked at my friend, and she just said "You know what I do when I'm here? I keep those SHUT!", and pushed them all the way shut. Case closed, lol.
The second aunt's room (which I thought of as the Pink Room), I couldn't stand to be in there for more than a minute. It was a beautiful room, with a gorgous dresser and pink curtains, but on the wall was an old painting of a little girl, who I presumed to be Aunt Alice. The painting was so old and faded that the girl's eyes looked like dark circles. In the closet were her old clothes. Unfortunatly, my best friend, who came up two days later, got shafted with that room. She was smart, and threw a scarf over the painting. She still told me she felt very uncomfortable in that room, and wasn't able to sleep well in it (it may be worth noting that she's Hmong, and her culture is very superstitious).
The next room was the room I slept in. I'm not sure who's exactly it had been in the old old days, but I know it was the room my friend's dad slept in when he was little and came to visit his grandma. Of all the rooms, it was the least "personalized", aside from a few pictures on the wall and dresser. It was the most mentally comfortable room in the house, and also the smallest. Still, aside from the first night when I passed out drunk, I wasn't able to sleep well in there either.
The next room was known as Charlie's room, and it was were my friend slept. As far as I know, nothing odd happened in there, but I didn't spend very much time in it.
The last room was what I thought of as the Nursury (it had a crib in it). This was initially going to be my room, but the more I thought about it, the less I wanted to stay in it. This room also had a certain "vibe" to it; the energy was very very strong. I would not have been comfortable being alone in it.

The house, as I said, was very old, and not only were all the doorframes swollen and warped so that the doors didn't close all the way, the floors were also warped and twisted. Naturally, this coupled with the open windows messing with the air pressure in the house, caused some of the bedroom doors to swing open and shut at random. This happened mostly with the doors to the White Room and Pink Room. The girl staying the White room kept her door open at night, so there was not problem there. The Pink room door would bang quite frequently, but we all knew why so it wasn't any concern. The door to my room didn't shut all the way, so I would shut it as much as possible, then cover the remaining crack with a towel. This worked well every night except the last one.
The last night we were there, three of us girls had gone to bed at about 3am, leaving my best friend and our guy friend downstairs talking. I was laying on my bed, drifting in and out of conciousness (I had been pretty drunk, but I was sobering up and not feeling so great). I was laying on my side, looking at the crack in the door, and listening to the door of the Pink room creak open and shut. All of the sudden my door just...opens. It didn't bang open, it didn't creak, it just kind of opened slowly. I wasn't too scared, considering the door problems, but I did think it was strange that over the other three nights I had spent in that room, including one very windy night, the door always stayed put, but tonight it randomly decided to open. I reached out and pushed it shut again, and it stayed. As I continued to try to sleep, I heard people running up and down the stairs, which were right by my room, and then I heard the door to the Pink room SLAM shut. I was annoyed, because I assumed it was my best friend thundering up the stairs to bed (she gets noisy when she's drunk). So, I fell asleep finally.
The next morning (about 4 hours later), I'm woken up to the sound of faint shouting. It was definitly a woman shouting. I figured it was my other friend talking in her sleep, which I found odd, because she doesn't normally talk in her sleep. A few minutes later, my best friend in the Pink room text messages me, and I go in there. I ask her if she heard shouting, and she said yes, she heard a man outside shouting for his kids to hurry up. I heard that too, but the woman shouting was very definitly a woman's voice, and it was much fainter than the man shouting at his kids. I also asked her what time she went to bed, and why she was so loud about it, and she stared at me and told me she hadn't gone upstairs at all until about 5:30 am.
The thumping and door slamming had occured at about 3:30am, no later than 4am. The shouting may still have been my other friend, but I'm very doubtful, as she is a quiet sleeper, and even if she had been shouting, it would have sounded much louder. It was most definitly coming from inside the house. I'm convinced that I experienced a little family history while I was there. It doesn't really bother me, but at the same time, it's very hard to accept, because it's a little frightening.

As a bonus, I'll tell you a little about the basement in the house :D
The basement is very old, very unfinished, and is built kind of tunnel-style. You go down the stairs into a little room (with two beautiful old bikes that, despite being in the creepiest place on earth, made me stop a drool for a few minutes). Then you go through a doorway into another tiny room, and right in front of your face is a crawl space (I believe it leads under the deck or the porch). Then you continue down the little hall into the last room, which had a boiler and an old metel chair, and a pipe that just came down from the ceiling and stopped in mid-air at eye level. The basement was earthen and crumbling, and there were little stairs and passageways into the downstairs rooms (they were all blocked off and boarded up, though). Nothing creepy happened down there, but I sure as hell wouldn't go down alone or at night, thats for sure!

Whew! Sorry that got so long...if I ever go there again I'm definitly going to get pictures. Who knows, I might capture something interesting.